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DEMO Consultants

DEMO Consultants

The Horizon2020 project BIM-SPEED aims to take 'BIM for renovation' to a deep renovation level for energy saving, and to accelerate the market uptake across the EU.

Welk initiatief heb je genomen om digitaal samen te werken met jouw partner(s) in de gebouwde omgeving?

To reduce the environmental impact of our living environments, a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach is required. The Horizon2020 project BIM-SPEED aims to address this challenge by developing a combination of methodologies and tools with one central information source at its core: the Building Information Model (BIM); a digital representation of a building. This model will be the catalyst for a smarter and more efficient method of deep renovation for the residential building sector.

Waarom is je initiatief een succes voor mens en organisatie? Wat levert het concreet op?

The mission of BIM-SPEED is to take ‘BIM for renovation’ to a deep renovation level for energy saving, and to accelerate the market uptake across the EU. BIM-SPEED aims to enable all stakeholders to adopt BIM to reduce the time of deep renovation projects by providing them with 1) an affordable BIM cloud platform, 2) a set of inter-operable BIM tools, and 3) standardised procedures for As-Built data acquisition, modelling, simulation, implementation and maintenance of renovation solutions. BIM-SPEED relies on a trans-disciplinary approach comprising (i) process, (ii) ICT, and (iii) social innovation with special attention to the stakeholders.

Wat kunnen andere professionals uit de gebouwde omgeving van jouw verhaal leren?

The platform offers a collection of services and tools that facilitate the management, coordination, and collaboration between the team members. The services encompass a secure and easy way to share, comment and revise files, a tool for manage tasks, a calendar system, a video conference application, a chat area for an effortless communication flow, and a set of integrated tools. More information:

Waar ben je het meest trots op?

We have developed several use cases to exchange best practices and make them accessible to the entire Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. Use cases are proposed for the entire process of data collection, design, construction, and operation. Each use case details the information workflow between the respective project participants enabling collaborative and efficient work. These use cases are published within the Use Case Management Service of buildingSMART and can be accessed here: